GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio is an architecture firm established in 1998 ( the former name was RD Galua Associates).  It is dedicated to providing a diversified range of services from space planning and design, to project development and management. It also offers consultancy services not only for architectural design but as well as for sustainable development. 

The firm comprises a comprehensive range of expertise.  Members of the consulting team have professional qualification as architects and experts in Sustainable Development projects that fit what is required to deliver an excellent and quality service

Our Approach:

Our innovative design solutions for different projects stem from a highly investigative design process with integration of sustainable development approach as it goes with the trend of green architecture.

Our Commitment

The firm has proven its ability to handle different degrees of complexity with its involvement in numerous types of establishments- government offices, colleges, universities, commercial establishments, residential buildings, plus a number of municipal & city master development plans and physical planning. In its years of keen service, the firm has been steadfast in delivering excellent service to its clients, and it remains consistent as it continues to operate in the field of architecture

Our Expertise:

We take pride in the strength of our consulting team to deliver and implement detailed engineering analyses of each of your infrastructure projects. Members of our team, in addition to our individual breadth of engineering expertise have been academically qualified to be involved with the concept of sustainable approach in infrastructure development and facility planning.

We also take satisfaction to enumerate that we have implemented projects related to residential development, municipal buildings, commercial buildings, eco-tourism development projects, and conducted master development plans for LGU’s in the past, aside from basic infrastructure projects related to water, terminals and market roads.

Given the composition of our team, we are confident that we can give detailed engineering plans for your basic infrastructure projects. The team is both academically equipped and has the strength of experience to give the optimal design as you implement your plan. It is our corporate policy to provide engineering details with emphasis on excellent architectural design and at the same time passing the standards of modern sustainable concepts; with this, we can give engineering details of public facility projects, in consonance with modern acceptable practice of sustainable architecture.



The Principal Architect. Rey Galua, born 5 October 1974, is a Filipino architect whose company, Galua Plus (former rdGalua Associates) maintain a national design practice.

Rey Galua is the principal architect and owner of rdGalua Associates Architectural Design firm with an office at Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines.

Rey Galua is one of the most prolific Filipino architect of his generation. Read More 

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